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Watch the funny Fluffies making cute faces and squeaking sweetly! Your task is to set them free from the tight space of your iPhone’s screen. Gather these lovely characters into groups of 3 or more of the same color, and remove these groups from the game field. The more Fluffies there are in the group you remove, the more scores you get.

From time to time you will come across cool useful bonuses. Some of these freeze time, some give you a score bonus, some change the character color, and do other fun stuff. Don’t think it’s all a piece of cake! On higher levels, you may get some trouble from the snowballs and obstacles which are there to make your task a little bit harder.

Your task is not only completing all the levels, but earning as many credits as you can. The higher your score, the better your position in our player rankings. Check our website for your ranking. You can do that directly from the game, or with your web browser. Watch your own position and check how your friends and competition are doing! After you complete all the levels, you enter the Endless Game mode. It’s a cool way not only to improve your skill, but also to get enough credits to enter the player history forever!



  • Cute characters with cuddly faces and funny sounds. They react to what you do and get annoyed when you are too careless with them.
  • 5 bonus types to give you a more fun gaming experience.
  • Time bonus based on your speed and skill.
  • 4 types of obstacles.
  • Bonus levels for even more fun.
  • 45 levels in normal gaming mode.
  • Endless Game mode for improving your skill and earning more and more credits.
  • Total player rankings on the website so that you can always check your position or the progress of your friends and competition.
  • 24 various funny OpenFeint achivements.


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